Advertising On Coffee Cups

Advertising On Coffee Cups Makes Sense
When compared to other advertising formats (radio, newspapers, magazines, tele marketing etc), advertising on paper coffee cups guarantees 100% delivery and exposure. There are a number of benefits that can be derived from custom printing paper coffee cups:
  • Our powerful mini-billboards promote your products, services and special offers in your targeted area
  • The coffee cup is an excellent advertising medium with the power to mark your territory
  • Effective long-lasting exposure with instant results
  • 100% guaranteed delivery with ads that can't be ignored. No money wasted compared with other media
  • Measurable when promoting limited offers through response codes
  • Low cost per view compared to other advertising methods
  • Excellent advertising life (up to 30 minutes per cup)
Have you considered saving even more on your advertising budget via Joint Promotions / Co Branding?
Reseller Support
WF Plastic supports resellers with very competitive pricing. Call us to discuss your project and a team member will be happy to provide you with a personalised quotation.
Minimum Orders Of Only 1,000 Cups
We're happy to assist you with your advertising campaigns with minimum orders starting at only 1,000 cups. Of course, we can also assist you with greater volumes of custom printed paper cups too.
Local Printing And Manufacturing
Your cups are printed and manufactured locally in Australia. Our standard lead time for custom print is only 3 weeks. Has your client given you the ultimate time challenge for their campaign? Give us a call and issue the challenge to us!
Our Range Of Custom Printed Cup Solutions
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