It's a plastic packaging bonanza at WF.  Where do we begin? We stock plastic cups and lids in all sizes, takeaway containers, sho bowls, disposable cutlery, plastic plates and bowls, drinking straws, plastic bags, roll bags, freezer bags, wrapping materials and more. Browse through this category, use the filters on the left of the page or just use our cool product search at the top of the screen.

$87.00 +GST

$65.00 +GST

$51.00 +GST

$24.00 +GST

$15.00 +GST

$22.00 +GST

10oz Clear PET Cup 285mL

Carton of 1000

$69.00 +GST

$58.00 +GST

$35.00 +GST

$60.00 +GST

$84.00 +GST

$62.00 +GST

$85.00 +GST

12oz Clear PET Cup 340mL

Carton of 1000

$76.00 +GST

$44.00 +GST

$35.00 +GST

150mL Wine Goblet

Carton of 100

$35.00 +GST

150x230mm 1/2kg Poly Bag

Carton of 1000

$23.00 +GST

$40.00 +GST


15oz Clear PET Cup 425mL

Carton of 1000

$88.00 $82.00 +GST

$88.00 +GST

$75.00 +GST

$143.00 +GST