Cardboard Food Packaging

We have cardboard food packaging aplenty! Take a look at our range of cake boxes, snack boxes, trays, pizza boxes, chip boxes and more. We have bulk cardboard food packaging products to suit just about every requirement and all of the complimentary products to suit.

Browse through this category to get ideas, or use the filters or Search bar to search our site for the exact product that you require. Please contact us if you can't find the enviro product that you're looking for - we'll be happy to find it for you.

Why choose cardboard food packaging?

Choosing cardboard food packaging is a responsible environmental decision and a strategic business move. With each use of our cardboard solutions, you reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your brand image and appeal to the growing market of eco-conscious consumers.

Dive into our wide array of options and let us help you make a lasting impression that is as good for the earth as it is for your business.

Cake Boxes

When it comes to showcasing your bakery’s finest creations, our cake boxes are a cut above the rest. Designed to protect and promote your cakes, these boxes ensure that each treat arrives in perfect condition, just as it left your kitchen. Available in various sizes and styles, they cater to everything from petite cupcakes to tiered cakes, making them a staple in your cardboard food packaging arsenal.

Cardboard Food Trays

Ideal for serving a variety of dishes, our cardboard food trays are the go-to choice for food markets, festivals and fast food ventures. They are crafted from durable materials that hold up against greasy, hot food, helping to maintain the integrity of every meal served.

Catering Trays

Our catering trays are essential for any event where you need to impress. From corporate gatherings to intimate parties, these trays present your appetisers and finger foods in style. They are sturdy and recyclable, complementing your sustainable practices by being a part of your cardboard food packaging solutions.

Cup Trays

Ease the burden of multiple coffee orders with our cup trays. Perfect for cafes and drive-thrus, these trays are designed to securely hold several cups, preventing spills and facilitating easier carry-outs. Made from sturdy cardboard, they are an eco-friendly alternative that customers appreciate.

Kraft Salad Bowls

Introducing our kraft salad bowls, a chic and sustainable option for serving salads, pastas or even fruit mixes. They are crafted from high-quality cardboard that stands up to dressings and vinaigrettes, ensuring a delightful dining experience without the environmental guilt.

Pizza Boxes

No pizza night is complete without the perfect box to bring it home. Our pizza boxes are crafted to keep your pizzas hot and delicious from oven to table. With their sturdy build, these boxes ensure that every slice is as good as the first.

Snack and Chip Boxes

For snacks on the go, turn to our snack and chip boxes. These handy packages make it easy to serve everything from french fries to gourmet bites, all while maintaining your commitment to sustainability.

Cardboard food packaging for every business

Whether you're a bustling café, a local bakery, a fast food joint or a high-end catering company, our cardboard food packages are your versatile and sustainable choice.

Cafés and coffee shops

For cafés on-the-go, speed and convenience are key. Our cup trays and snack boxes cater perfectly to the morning rush, allowing you to serve your beverages and treats efficiently. These sturdy solutions help prevent spills and facilitate easy transport, ensuring your customers come back for that excellent service and eco-friendly touch.


Presentation is everything in the bakery business. Our cake boxes and snack boxes not only safeguard your confections during transport but also enhance your brand’s image with their clean, professional look.

Fast food outlets and restaurants

Fast food requires packaging that can keep up with a busy service pace. Our durable pizza boxes and chip boxes are designed to maintain the integrity and temperature of your food, from fries to family-sized pizzas.

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11 Inch Pizza Boxes

11 Inch Pizza Boxes

$48.00 +GST Sleeve of 100

12oz Paper Chip Cup

12oz Paper Chip Cup

$58.00 +GST Carton of 1000

13 Inch Pizza Boxes

13 Inch Pizza Boxes

$55.00 +GST Sleeve of 100

15 Inch Pizza Boxes

15 Inch Pizza Boxes

$65.00 +GST Sleeve of 100

4 Cup Drink Trays

4 Cup Drink Trays

$28.00 +GST Carton of 100


5 Inch Long Patisserie Window Box

5 Inch Long Patisserie Window Box

$45.00 +GST$70.00 Carton of 200