BioPak Clear Cups

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At WF Plastic, we are your dedicated partner in providing innovative and eco-conscious food packaging solutions. Our commitment to a greener future drives us to introduce our range of biodegradable food containers, with a special spotlight on our convenient BioPak products. These products are the perfect blend of practicality and sustainability, offering you packaging solutions that help your business become a more eco-conscious corporation.

The BioPak range of compostable clear cups and tumblers comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. There's even a series that's weights and measures approved, making them suitable for after-hours alcohol service. Starting at just 30mL, BioPak clear cups extend all the way up to 700mL. We have you covered for sample cups, beer cups, thick shake cups, milkshake cups and everything in between.

Experience the convenience of BioPak clear cups

Our BioPak clear cups stand as a testament to our dedication to both convenience and the environment. Here's why you should consider them for your business:

  • Eco-friendly choice — Our BioPak clear cups, crafted from sustainable materials, reduce plastic waste, making a positive impact on the planet.
  • Versatile sizes — Our range of BioPak clear cups come in various sizes to cater to all your beverage needs, ensuring the perfect fit for every drink.
  • Lid compatibility — Complementing the convenience, we offer a range of compatible lids that ensure spill-free sipping, adding value to your customer's experience.
  • Quality assurance — Our BioPak clear cups meet stringent quality standards, guaranteeing that your beverages are served as intended.
  • Environmental responsibility — By incorporating BioPak clear cups into your business, you communicate your commitment to sustainability. Doing so can attract environmentally conscious customers.

Choose BioPak cups for a greener, more efficient and quality-focused solution.

How to responsibly dispose of BioPak clear cups

When it comes to the end of their use, properly disposing of BioPak clear cups is essential for maintaining their eco-friendly essence. Follow these simple steps:

  • Empty and clean — Ensure the cup is devoid of liquids and contaminants to optimise recycling or composting.
  • Segregate for success — Separate used BioPak clear cups from other waste items to facilitate proper recycling or composting.
  • Composting choice — Many BioPak clear cups are compostable. Opt for composting facilities that accept them because doing so can create nutrient-rich soil.
  • Recycling check — Investigate local recycling guidelines to determine if certain types of BioPak clear cups are recyclable in your area.

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