BioPak Chip and Sauce Cups

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At WF Plastic, we understand the importance of sustainable packaging solutions that meet your business needs and align with your commitment to the environment. That's why we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of BioPak chip and sauce cups. We stock the full range of BioPak chip and sauce containers including the FSC certified BioBoard range of chip scoops, the BioCane sauce containers and matching lids and also the most recent range of BioPlastic clear sauce cups.

Designed with eco-friendliness in mind, these containers provide a greener alternative to traditional packaging options while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

We have you covered for all of your BioPak compostable chip and sauce container needs! 

Wow your customers with our line of BioPak chip boxes and sauce cups

Here are the variants of our BioPak sauce cups and chip boxes that will elevate your food presentation and satisfy your customers.

Clear BioPlastic containers

BioPak's clear BioPlastic containers offer both visibility and sustainability. Crafted from plant-based materials, these containers provide a crystal-clear display of your delicious sauces, condiments and cold foods. The transparency allows your customers to see the delicious contents while conveying your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint. 

These containers are fully compostable, making them an ideal choice if you’re seeking biodegradable sauce containers that do not compromise on functionality.

Enclosed chip boxes

For those seeking a secure and reliable packaging solution, BioPak's enclosed chip boxes are the perfect choice. These boxes ensure the freshness and crispness of your chips, protecting them from external elements. Crafted from sustainable materials, these biodegradable chip boxes are fully compostable and help reduce waste. 

Available in various sizes, BioPak's enclosed chip boxes cater to different portion requirements, allowing you to offer your customers the perfect serving size while minimising your environmental impact.

Kraft cups

Add a touch of natural elegance to your chip and sauce presentation with BioPak's kraft cups. Made from unbleached and compostable kraft paper, these cups not only showcase your commitment to sustainability, but also enhance the dining experience for your customers. The grease-resistant feature ensures your chips stay crispy and delicious while preventing any leakage.

Available in different sizes, BioPak's kraft cups offer your business versatility and flexibility, accommodating various portion sizes and serving requirements.

Chip cups

BioPak's chip cups are designed with convenience in mind. These sturdy and reliable cups provide a practical solution for serving chips with a side of sauce. Made from sustainable materials, these chip cups are fully compostable, helping you reduce your ecological footprint. 

Ideal for takeaways, food trucks, cafés and other establishments, BioPak's chip cups come in various sizes to suit your portion needs. Offer your customers a convenient and eco-friendly way to enjoy their favourite chips on the go.

The BioPak advantage: sustainability and convenience

By choosing BioPak chip boxes and sauce cups, you contribute to the reduction of waste and support a more sustainable future. BioPak's commitment to using responsibly sourced materials, their certifications as compostable products and their efforts to reduce carbon emissions throughout their supply chain make them the ideal partner for environmentally conscious businesses.

Choose WF Plastic for all your packaging needs

When you partner with WF Plastic, you gain access to our extensive inventory and wholesale pricing structure. Buying in bulk not only saves you money, but also ensures you have an ample supply of biodegradable chip boxes and sauce containers at your disposal. With our fast click-and-collect service, ordering is quick and easy, and you can collect your items promptly from our warehouse.

No matter where you are in Australia, WF Plastic provides nationwide shipping to ensure you receive your orders efficiently. We strive to keep shipping costs as low as possible, and any savings will be refunded to you as credit.

Choose BioPak chip boxes and sauce cups from WF Plastic and provide your customers with exceptional dining experiences while helping save the planet. If you have any questions about our BioPak products, please feel free to contact us or take a look at our FAQs page for more information. You can also visit our stores to check out our line of food packaging solutions. Together, let's make a positive impact on the environment, one biodegradable container at a time.