Takeaway Containers

Need a plastic takeaway container? We have plastic Chinese takeaway containers in clear, black and freezer grade. We also have tamper evident containers, food pails, food buckets, specialty takeaway containers, sauce pots and portion pots in various sizes, sho bowls with both flat and dome lids in various sizes and more. Why not take your business to the next level and upgrade to gloss black takeaway containers?


$60.00 +GST

$68.00 +GST

$82.00 +GST

$69.00 +GST

$60.00 +GST

$65.00 +GST

$41.00 +GST

$71.00 +GST

$125.00 +GST

$70.00 +GST

$81.00 +GST

$43.00 +GST

$60.00 +GST

$51.00 +GST

$25.00 +GST

$70.00 +GST

$40.00 +GST

$75.00 +GST

$50.00 +GST

$70.00 +GST

$55.00 +GST