Disposable Face Masks - WF Plastic Pty Ltd

Disposable face masks have become an essential part of daily living in 2020, and selecting quality face masks for personal protection is critical. Whilst cotton masks have been touted to be OK in some reports, there's no doubting that purpose built disposable face masks such as the ones we stock have a much higher chance of protecting you and others during these dangerous times. As we all know, a single case of COVID-19 in a work place can see that work place shut down for deep cleaning and can have disastrous consequences with loss of customer base as a result. The power of social media can further compound this issue.  Consider protecting all of your workers with face masks - you'll be providing them and those around them with a higher level of protection that they would otherwise have. Our face masks are also perfect for your family, and can protect them and those around them during these difficult times.