Wholesale Cleaning Supplies

Clean up on aisle 4! We have the cleaning products that are just right for your washing, sanitising and cleaning jobs. We also have plenty more cleaning supplies in the hygiene department, including toilet paper, wipes, napkins, baby wipes, vinyl gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, bouffant caps and so much more. Please contact us if you can't find the cleaning chemicals and supplies that you're looking for.

Elevate your cleaning standards with our cleaning supplies

At WF Plastic, we understand the critical importance of maintaining impeccable cleanliness across all environments. Our extensive range of wholesale cleaning supplies caters to every aspect of your cleaning needs, ensuring your spaces are clean, hygienic and welcoming.

From robust cleaning chemicals to efficient cleaning tools and disposable products, we equip you with everything necessary to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness.

What we offer:

Comprehensive cleaning chemicals

Our cleaning chemicals are designed to tackle the toughest jobs in kitchens, bathrooms and common areas. Choose from high-performance dishwashing detergents available in both premium and standard grades, capable of cutting through stubborn grease and food residue.

Our disinfectants ensure your surfaces are free from germs and bacteria, which is ideal for high-touch areas in medical facilities, schools and offices. For floors that shine, our ammoniated floor cleaners offer powerful cleaning action, removing dirt and stains with ease.

Essential cleaning tools and equipment

WF Plastic’s cleaning supplies extend beyond chemicals. We provide a variety of tools and equipment that enhance the effectiveness of your cleaning efforts. Discover the difference of mops and buckets built for heavy-duty use — our selection is perfect for large spaces requiring frequent clean-ups.

Additionally, we have napkins, paper towels and soap dispensers that are functional and practical for bathrooms and spaces that see a lot of foot traffic, ensuring that these everyday essentials are always within reach for your staff and visitors.

Hygiene and disposable products

Hygiene is paramount in any cleaning regimen. Our collection of cleaning supplies includes protective gloves in vinyl, latex and nitrile to meet diverse industry standards and personal preferences. 

Complement these with our bouffant caps and disposable aprons, which are essential in maintaining sanitary conditions in food service and healthcare settings. Furthermore, our baby wipes and cleaning wipes are perfect for quick clean-ups, providing convenience without compromising on hygiene.

Environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies

In line with modern environmental standards, WF Plastic offers a range of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. You can rest assured that these products minimise the ecological footprint of your cleaning practices while maintaining high efficiency. 

From biodegradable wipes to green cleaning chemicals, choose WF Plastic to ensure your operations are sustainable as well as spotless.

Why choose WF Plastic?

WF Plastic stands out as a one-stop shop with a comprehensive array of cleaning supplies designed to meet the needs of diverse environments. With our commitment to quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction, we ensure that every product from our lineup exceeds your expectations.

When you embrace cleanliness and sustainability with WF Plastic's trusted cleaning supplies, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Fast and reliable shipping — We understand that your business moves fast, and so do we. With a focus on swift delivery within the East Coast and across the country, we ensure you have the cleaning supplies you need when you need them.
  • Personalised service — We pride ourselves on offering personal, one-on-one service that's just as reliable as our products. Whether you choose to visit our physical location or give us a call, our knowledgeable staff is here to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • Bricks and mortar assurance — At WF Plastic, we're all about building trust and ensuring you feel confident in every purchase. Drop by our store to see the products firsthand and discuss your needs directly with us. 

Step up your cleaning game

Partner with WF Plastic for all your wholesale cleaning needs today and experience reliable quality and service that streamlines maintaining your business's cleanliness standards.


Abrasive Cream Cleaner 5L

Abrasive Cream Cleaner 5L

$25.00 +GST 5L Drum

Anti Bacterial Hand Wash 5L

Anti Bacterial Hand Wash 5L

$25.00 +GST 5L Drum

Bleach with 6% Hypochlorite 5L

Bleach with 6% Hypochlorite 5L

$12.00 +GST 5L Drum

Bouffant Caps White 21"

Bouffant Caps White 21"

$70.00 +GST Carton of 1000

Coffee Machine Cleaner 5kg

Coffee Machine Cleaner 5kg

$60.00 +GST 5kg Bucket