Date Posted: 4 July 2014

Often used in green houses, bubble wrap can also be used on domestic windows to boost their insulation rating from R1 to R2. Try bubble wrap on your windows this winter and start saving money.

  Date Posted: 27 June 2014

Bio packaging is a worthy alternative to mainstream packaging for a number of reasons. Go green and show your customers that you care about the environment.

  Date Posted: 2 June 2014

We have a fairly extensive range of drinking straws at WF Plastic, and are often asked which straw should be selected for a particular use. To this end, I have written this short primer to assist anyone who might be wondering which straw to select for th

  Date Posted: 3 February 2014

This article discusses how you can get the best value from your shipping dollar, what rules the freighters use and how to turn them to advantage.