BioPak Plates and Bowls

Our wide range of BioPak biodegradable paper plates and paper bowls is extensive. We stock all sizes, including the popular compartment plates. The paper bowl range includes the fashionable paper takeaway soup bowls with lids available in paper, PET and PP plastic to suit all needs. Biodegradable bowls aren't just limited to soups though - try them for salads and cold offerings as well. The PET lids are perfect to keep the freshness in whilst showcasing your food.

$90.00 +GST

$94.00 +GST

BioPak BioCane 12oz Bowl

Carton of 1000

$97.00 +GST

BioPak BioCane 16oz Bowl

Carton of 1000

$116.00 +GST

$77.00 +GST

$92.00 +GST

$110.00 +GST

$135.00 +GST

$135.00 +GST

$58.00 +GST

$72.00 +GST

$56.00 +GST

$65.00 +GST

$126.00 +GST

$81.00 +GST

$78.00 +GST

$93.00 +GST

$87.00 +GST