Clean up on aisle 4! We have the cleaning product that's just right for your washing, sanitising and cleaning jobs. We also have plenty more in the hygiene department, including toilet paper, wipes, napkins, baby wipes, vinyl gloves, latex gloves, nitrile gloves, bouffant caps and so much more.
Please contact us if you can't find the product that you're looking for.

$22.00 +GST

$18.00 +GST

$15.00 +GST

$44.00 +GST

$65.00 +GST

$20.00 +GST

$10.00 +GST

Bouffant Caps White 21"

Carton of 1000

$35.00 +GST

$75.00 +GST

$55.00 +GST

$45.00 +GST

$22.00 +GST

$38.00 +GST

$25.00 +GST

$15.00 +GST