BioPak Clear Cups

The BioPak range of compostable clear cups and tumblers comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. There's even a series that's weights and measures approved, making them suitable for after hours alcohol service. Starting at just 30mL, BioPak clear cups extend all the way up to 700mL. We have you covered for sample cups, beer cups, thickshake cups, milkshake cups and everything inbetween.

$164.00 +GST

$230.00 +GST

$193.00 +GST

$142.00 +GST

$255.00 +GST

$164.00 +GST

$143.00 +GST

$177.00 +GST

$185.00 +GST

$196.00 +GST

$214.00 +GST

$220.00 +GST

$275.00 +GST

$285.00 +GST

$89.00 +GST

$90.00 +GST

$89.00 +GST

$78.00 +GST

$89.00 +GST