Disposable Wooden Cutlery

With plastic cutlery being phased out by all states, wooden cutlery is the new green option for takeaway food service. All states are accepting wooden cutlery as an appropriate replacement for plastics, so it's time to make the switch. What's more, your customers are sure to love receiving wood rather than plastic as it's new new fashion for takeaway dining. Take a look at our wide range and make the move to wood today!

Wooden Dessert Spoon

Carton of 1000

$46.00 +GST

Wooden Fork

Carton of 1000

$42.00 +GST

Wooden Knife

Carton of 1000

$32.00 +GST

Wooden Spork

Carton of 1000

$54.00 +GST

Wooden Teaspoon

Carton of 1000

$33.00 +GST