Choosing The Right Drinking Straw

A primer on our range of plastic drinking straws We have a fairly extensive range of drinking straws at WF Plastic, and are often asked which straw should be selected for a particular use. This short primer will assist anyone who is wondering which plastic drinking straw to purchase from us.

We have a fairly extensive range of drinking straws at WF Plastic, and are often asked which straw should be selected for a particular use.  To this end, I have written this short primer to assist anyone who might be wondering which straw to select for their business.

Regular Straws
These straws have the smallest bore (hole) so are unsuitable for thick drinks.  They're mostly used for water, flavoured milks, soft drink and juices.

Cocktail Straws
Cocktail straws are essentially a short version of the regular straw, particularly suitable for tumblers and other shorter glasses where a regular straw would be too long.  Cocktail straws are commonly used in bars and pubs.

Long Thickshake Straws
These are purpose built for thickshakes, smoothies and other thicker drinks that will be consumed from a tall cup.  Long thickshake straws are particularly suitable if you intend to use a 16oz cup with a dome lid.  The extra length of these straws becomes important as the dome lid on the cup increases the height of the cup.

Jumbo Straws
Similar to the long thickshake straw, the jumbo straw is perfect for thickshakes, smoothies and other thicker drinks.  Please note that the standard jumbo straws are shorter than the long thickshake straw, so are less suitable for using with 16oz cups with a dome lid, or 20 / 24oz cups with flat lids.

Flexi Straws
Flexi Straws are very similar to a regular straw, but have a flexible neck a short way before the end of the straw.  The allows your customers to drink from a reclined position without tilting the cup.  Flexi straws are commonly provided in hospitals where the majory of people are confined to beds.  Flexi straws also have novelty appeal to children and can be a very popular choice for events as a result.

Spoon Straws
Spoon straws are another straw from the regular straw family, and are equipped with a small formed spoon end. They're mostly used for slushees and other drinks that can be consumed both with a straw and also eaten bit by bit with spoon.

Individually Wrapped Straws
Individually wrapped drinking straws are also from the regular straw family, with each straw being wrapped for consumer health and safety. They're mostly used for soft drinks, juice, water and other drinks that you may otherwise use a regular straw for. Certain councils may restrict you to using individually wrapped straws for events held in their areas..

Bubble Tea Straws
The big daddy of the straw family is the bubble tea straw.  These straws have a particularly large bore, capable of allowing a sago ball to be consumed through it from drinks such as bubble tea.  Bubble tea straws generally have one end cut diagonally such that the end can be used to pierce the heat sealed plastic lid of a cup of bubble tea.