BioPak Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging

We stock the full range of BioPak environmentally friendly food packaging. Switch to BioPak food packaging and show your customers that you care about your carbon footprint. BioPak packaging is of the highest quality and is offered at a very affordable price point. Many items in the BioPak range can also be custom printed for free. Australian councils and businesses are moving towards greener packaging, and Biopak is leading the way with environmentally friendly food packaging solutions suitable for all businesses. Take a look at the wide range of BioPak food packaging solutions here. We offer fast dispatch on BioPak lines, with free shipping to metro areas for 4 or more cartons in the Biopak range.


$121.00 +GST

$129.00 +GST

$148.00 +GST

$122.00 +GST

$84.00 +GST

$84.00 +GST

$81.00 +GST

$84.00 +GST

BioPak 14cm Wooden Stirrer

Outer of 20,000

$89.00 +GST

$164.00 +GST

BioPak 16cm Wooden Fork

Outer of 2,000

$84.00 +GST

BioPak 16cm Wooden Knife

Outer of 2,000

$63.00 +GST

BioPak 16cm Wooden Spoon

Outer of 2,000

$92.00 +GST