Biodegradable Food Packaging

Browse through our range of BioPak biodegradable food packaging and show the environment that you care. We stock a comprehensive range of green products including biodegradable cups, clams, plates, cutlery, drink trays and even sushi containers. Please contact us if you can't find the enviro packaging that you're looking for - we'll be happy to look for it for you.


$20.00 +GST

$25.00 +GST

$32.00 +GST

$121.00 +GST

$129.00 +GST

$148.00 +GST

$122.00 +GST

$84.00 +GST

$84.00 +GST

$81.00 +GST

$84.00 +GST

BioPak 14cm Wooden Stirrer

Outer of 20,000

$89.00 +GST

$164.00 +GST

BioPak 16cm Wooden Fork

Outer of 2,000

$84.00 +GST