Company News

  Date Posted: 16 October 2023

The new WF Plastic showroom is ready for you!

Date Posted: 14 March 2023

We're busily working to finalise our new showroom with a brand new 8m wide sales desk already finished, and the updated showroom coming soon.

Date Posted: 10 January 2023

Just a quick heads up that onsite pickups and shopping are finally back to normal per the opening times on our website. Please remember to call / shop online if you're unwell though.

  Date Posted: 14 March 2020

We have taken the difficult path of suspending all order pickups and walk-in shopping at our warehouses at Warwick Farm until the Coronavirus problem in Australia stabilises. Online ordering is still available with our usual fast dispatch via courier.

  Date Posted: 3 September 2018

Take a look at our BioPak ice cream cups and BioPak ice cream spoons if you're planning on serving ice cream at your next event and need Bio packaging. A lot of local councils are now demanding Bio packaging at events held in their areas.

  Date Posted: 27 March 2017

BioPak has just released a new range of BioBoard products that is very exciting. The range consists of BioBoard / Enviroboard open trays, BioBoard / Enviroboard clams (burger clams, snack boxes, chip boxes, family packs etc), BioBoard noodle boxes & more.

  Date Posted: 16 February 2017

BioPak's new BioBoard food service disposable packaging is arriving in March. That's just around the corner folks!

  Date Posted: 21 December 2016

This year, all of our BioPak customers have contributed to achieving a massive offset of 62 tonnes of CO2 omissions!!!

  Date Posted: 21 September 2016

Just a quick heads up that we launched our new look website today. It's been in development with the team here for about a month.

  Date Posted: 6 July 2016

The whole rangle of BioPak wooden cutlery has just become more affordable. All prices have been reduced by up to a whopping 30%.

  Date Posted: 16 March 2016

The new BioPak single saver napkins and dispensers are here! This style of napkin and dispenser is quite popular now, with many vendors selling various versions.

  Date Posted: 6 March 2016

We now carry the full range of BioPak wooden cutlery and the full range of BioPak napkins. There's heaps to choose from between the two new ranges making it a sure thing that you'll find something that you like.